Complete Weekly Menu Plans

This age-old question has plagued moms and dads for years. Creating complete weekly menu plans is the biggest chore for me when it comes to cooking. There are so many elements that go into a great menu plan, from creating variety to having a balanced meal…and that’s not even mentioning the budgeting aspect. Do you menu plan around sales? I love menu plans that food bloggers share. They are so useful to get my creative juices flowing. But one frustration I have is that they usually just feature the main dish, leaving me to answer the question of what I will serve for the rest of the meal.

Making a Plan

There are a few hacks that I have uncovered that make menu planning a little bit easier and I will share those in future posts. For now, I will share with you the actual meals that we are eating. Whole, complete weekly menu plans! This may seem like a lot of food. I’ve started adding salads to most of our dinners, as a way to get more vegetables in our diet. And Cora insists that she have fruit with every single dinner. So we are going with more variety and smaller portions, which has led to lots of leftovers for lunch! But of course, you can adapt the menu to fit your family’s needs.

More Tools Coming!

I’ll come back to add my recipes at a later date, so check back! They will be linked right in each menu plan, and also available in the recipe index. But I want you to be able to add these into your menu plan now! Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter if you want these plans emailed directly to your inbox every week. There’s a sign-up box over on the right hand of this page.

Let’s get started!

Menu Plan: August 24-28

Menu Plan: August 17-21

Menu Plan: August 10-14

Menu Plan: August 3-7

Meal Plan: July 27-31

Meal Plan: July 13-17

Meal Plan: July 6-10

Meal Plan: June 29-July 3

Meal Plan: June 22-26

Meal Plan: June 15-19

Meal Plan: June 8-13

Menu Plan: June 1-5

Menu Plan: May 25-29