Menu Plan: July 6-10

Street tacos

Monday, July 6 Air fryer chicken breast Baked potatoes Asparagus Watermelon Tuesday, July 7 Street Tacos with Fresh Pico De Gallo Mexican Salad Honeydew Melon Wednesday, July 8 Yummy Pasta Broccoli Strawberries Thursday, July 9 Chicken Tikka Masala Jasmine Rice Green Beans Raspberries Friday, July

Famous Food From Connecticut

White Clam Pizza

In Search of the Best Pizza A friend of mine, who was raised in Connecticut, told me that Connecticut pizza is the best. She hasn’t been able to find pizza as good anywhere else. Challenge accepted! This week’s state dinner had me on a full-on

The Actual Best Snickerdoodle Cookie

Snickerdoodle Cookie

Have you ever surprised yourself by making the perfect recipe? That’s what happened to me when I made these Snickerdoodle cookies. I expected good. I mean, I love a Snickerdoodle cookie! But these cookies? They are ridiculously good! I took some to my mom and

Menu Plan: June 29-July 3

Pork chops

Monday, June 29 Pork Chops (I make without the apples, since we do fried apples as well) Mashed Potatoes Broccoli Fried Apples Tuesday, June 30 Chipotle-Lime Shrimp Tacos Cauliflower Fried Rice Mandarin Oranges Wednesday, July 1 Egg Scramble Sausage Bagels Cantaloupe Thursday, July 2 Sweet

Famous Food from Colorado

Pueblo Slopper Colorado

The Pueblo Chile vs. Hatch Chile Debate We started our search for famous food from Colorado with a virtual trip to Pueblo. Farmers in Pueblo have grown Mosco chile peppers since the 1800s, and eventual created the varietal called the Pueblo Popper chile. These chiles

Pork Green Chili

Pork Green Chili

When planning for our Colorado state dinner I scoured the internet for the best pork green chili recipes. None looked like exactly what I wanted. So I took a little bit from a number of different sites and came up with my own version. We

Menu Plan: June 22-26

Sheet Pan Shrimp Boil

Our meal plan for June 22-26 starts with a spicy shrimp boil, but this one has no mess! It’s all done in your oven on one pan! There are two nights of Mexican food, which is a win in my book! Creamy Parmesan rice that

Famous Food from California

What Famous Food From California Should We Choose? California has such a vast food culture, we spent quite a bit of time trying to decide our menu. Bay shrimp, California rolls, pho, avocado and bean sprout sandwiches. So many choices! We finally decided on fish

Menu Plan: June 15-19

Rosemary Ranch Chicken

We are making the most of seasonal fruits and vegetables this week! The strawberries and cherries have been great this year! Enjoy this week of colorful meals! Monday, June 15 Rosemary Ranch Kebabs Grilled Vegetables Brown Rice Black Cherries Tuesday, June 16 Taco Salad Grapes