Paczki Donut Recipe

Rows of paczki in a pan.

Paczki is a Polish donut that was invented as a way to use up lard and sugar before Lent. Traditionally enjoyed only on Fat Tuesday, this sugar-covered donut can be filled with a variety of delicious fillings. It is an indulgent sweet treat! While it

Coney Dogs Recipe

Coney dogs are steamed hot dogs smothered with all-beef chili, and topped with minced onions and mustard. The chili is a little bit sweet and a little bit spicy. Invented in Michigan, these coney dogs are a real American treat! Did you think that coney

Menu Plan: October 26-30

Brushing melted butter onto crab cakes.

Whole30 may be over, but we are still working to eat fueling foods. This week serves up a meatless Monday meal, lightened-up pasta, and several easy dinners. Lots of fruits and veggies round out these delicious dinners! Monday, October 26 Mediterranean Orzo and Chickpea Stuffed

Famous Food from Massachusetts

Clam chowder, a famous food from Massachusetts.

Massachusetts, also known as the Commonwealth, is one of the 13 original colonies.  There are many towns that are rich in history and the center of pilot moments in American history.  Numerous historical routes, battlefields, and colonial homes line the streets of Massachusetts. In addition, you

Fluffernutter Sandwich Recipe

A fluffernutter sandwich with a bite out of it. Two more sandwiches stacked behind.

This simple Fluffernutter sandwich is a delightful treat! A New England favorite, creamy peanut butter and marshmallow fluff are spread over white bread. It is a favorite of kids and adults alike! There are so many good things about the sweet and salty combination of

Boston Clam Chowder Recipe

Bowl of clam chowder, topped with bacon pieces and oyster crackers.

Creamy Boston Clam Chowder is loaded with tender potatoes and clams, and topped with crispy bacon. It is a comforting bowl of soup for any time of year! About This Soup Boston clam chowder and New England clam chowder are one and the same. Chowder

Whole30 Menu Plan Week 2

Whole30 Menu Plan Week 2: Bowl of thai basil beef with brown rice.

Here is our Whole30 Menu Plan Week 2! This mini reset has been so good! In just these two short weeks I am sleeping better and feel more focused. It really is incredible the impact that food has on our well-being. While we will continue

Famous Food from Maryland

Famous food from Maryland, crab cakes, piled on a plate.

Guest post by Nichole Little When you hear “Maryland,” most people think of the Chesapeake Bay and steamed crabs. Which is fine because that’s what we’re known for. Crabs are the most famous food from Maryland! But what non-residents are shocked to find is that

Smith Island Cake Recipe

Smith Island Cake on a cake stand with 2 pieces on plates in front of it.

A Smith Island Cake is one of the moistest and most decadent cakes you will find. 8-12 layers of yellow cake are enrobed in fudge frosting that seeps down into the cake. It is an impressive cake that is a must-try for any chocolate lover!