Carne Asada  Chili

Why You'll Love This Recipe

Meat Lovers Chili - This chili is packed with fall-apart tender chunks of meat. No Beans - This is a true Texas-style chili, so there are no beans to get in the way.

Simple Ingredients

1. Sear the steak in large pieces to add flavor while keeping the meat juicy.

2. Turn your pan down to medium heat and saute the onions and spices.

3. Put the steak cubes back into the pan and top with chicken broth.

4. Once the meat is tender it is time to add the final ingredients that round out the flavors of the chili.

How to Top Chili

There are endless ways to top your chili. I love mine with some shredded cheddar cheese and a pile of Fritos. Or add diced onions (white or green), jalapenos, or avocado.


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