How to Spatchcock a Turkey

What is Spatchcocking?

Spatchcocking is the process of removing the backbone of a bird and then cracking the breast so that it lays flat. It is essentially butterflying the turkey.

Why Spatchcock

Cooks Faster - The cook time is only 8-10 minutes per pound (versus 20 minutes for a regular turkey). Cooks More Evenly - Because it is flat everything cooks the same. Juicy and Flavorful - The white meat doesn't overcook so it stays juicy!

1. Start with a thawed turkey and use sharp scissors to cut along the right  of the backbone.

2. Next cut along the left of the backbone, separating the bone from the tendons.

3. Set the backbone aside. You can use it with the organs to make turkey broth. 

4. Use a sharp knife to score the breast bone. This will help it crack easier.

5.  Turn the bird over onto a hard surface and cross your hands over the breast. Press firmly to crack the breast.

6. Roast using your favorite recipe. I like to use an herbed butter rub.


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