Rice Krispie Christmas Treat

Why You Will Love It

Quick treat - Easy to make and will save you time.  No need to bake -  This treat does not need an oven. Crowd Pleaser - People of all ages will enjoy this Rice Krispie at a cookie exchange party, Christmas gathering, or even simply for dessert.

Simple Ingredients

1. Melt the butter, then the marshmallows, and stir.

2. Add the food coloring and vanilla.

3. Mix in the cereal until it's well-coated.

4.  Press the mixture into the pan, and press enough to smooth them out.

5. Refrigerate and cut the Krispies into shapes.

Recipe Tips

- Use mini marshmallows to achieve evenly melted marshmallows. - Add vanilla extract to boost all the flavors. - Spray spatula to prevent marshmallows from sticking.


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