Spatchcock Turkey Breast

Why Spatchcock Turkey Breast

Juicy meat - The meat cooks evenly so every bite is juicy. More Flavorful – With the breast laid flat the seasoning can penetrate deeper into the meat, making it more flavorful.

Simple Ingredients

1. Place the thawed turkey breast side down on a cutting board. Using very sharp kitchen shears, cut on the left side of the backbone from the top to the bottom.

2. Place your scissors on the right side of the backbone and cut to remove the bone completely from the turkey.

3. Use a sharp knife to cut about a centimeter deep to score the breastbone. This will help it crack more easily.

4. Turn the turkey over and cross your hands over the breast, like you are going to perform CPR.

Expert Tips

– Use sharp kitchen or poultry shears. – Dry the turkey with paper towels before spreading the herb butter over the skin. Butter will not stick to wet skin.


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