Easy BBQ Boneless Wings Recipe

Why You Will Love This Recipe

Versatile - It can be prepared fried, in the oven, or in the air fryer! Crispy - Great texture, both crunchy and juicy. Flavorful - A satisfying balance of flavors!


1. Mix the flour and seasoning. Whisk the eggs on a different bowl.

2. Coat the chicken pieces in the egg mixture.

3. Coat the chicken cuts next in the flour mixture.

4. Fry coated pieces in hot oil.

5. Transfer the fried wings to a wire rack.

6. Toss in your favorite bbq sauce.


– For extra crunch, add Panko bread crumbs. – Refrigerate the breaded chicken for 30 minutes before frying – Use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature – Transfer the chicken to a wire rack after frying, instead of to a paper towel.


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