Street Tacos


Why You Will  Love It

Fast! As little as 30 minutes of marinating and 5 minutes cooking. Flavorful! Balance of spices along with fresh pico de gallo.


- Skirt Steak - Soy Sauce - Lime Juice - Canola Oil - Garlic  - Chili Powder - Ground Cumin - Dried Oregano - Tortillas - Onion - Jalapeno - Tomatoes - Cilantro

1. Cut meat into bite-sized pieces.

2. Mix the soy sauce, oil, and spices.

3.  Pour over beef and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

4. Chop vegetables to make fresh pico de gallo (or buy from store)

5. Get a pan super hot and cook the steak to desired doneness (3-6 minutes)


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