Easy  Oklahoma-Style Fried Onion Burgers

Why You Will  Love It

Simple - The ingredients are simple and easy to find. Great Flavors - The flavors of the onion and cheese blend well together. Juicy - The hamburger patty is meaty and juicy.

Simple Ingredients

1. Cut the onions and form the beef into round balls.

2. Press the ground beef ball into a thin patty on top of a hot cooking surface.

3. Add the onions on top of each patty.

4. Flip the patty with the mounded onions.

5. Add the bottom and top buns. Steam for one minute and set them aside. 

6. Add the cheese on top of the patty let it melt, and transfer them onto the steamed buns.

Serving Suggestions

- Top it with mustard and a few dill pickles - Add ketchup, or whatever toppings you enjoy - Serve with French fries - Serve it with onion rings and ranch dip


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