Homemade  Cold Fermented Pizza Dough

Why You Will Love This Recipe

Flavorful - It tastes great due to its complex flavor.  Excellent Texture - has a good chew and great crispiness. Easy - Simple steps to follow.


1. Mix the dough ingredients using a stand mixer. Let it rest and knead.

2. Ferment the dough, roll them in oil then cover it with plastic wrap and let it rise.

3. Let the dough rest a room temperature and divide them.

4. Press each divided ball to form a disk and create an airy outer crust.

5.  Stretch the dough while keeping the dough in a circular shape.


- Stretch the dough instead of rolling for a great-textured crust. - Avoid adding too many toppings, it makes the crust soggy and limp. - Refrain from letting the dough sit on the pizza peel for too long to avoid the crust sticking.


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