Famous Food from Delaware

Famous Food from Delaware

Our dinner of famous food from Delaware was almost like taking a trip back in time. As the first state in our nation, Delaware is rich in history. It has just 3 counties, the smallest number of any state, but these counties were established all the way back in 1638. Later, in 1776, Delaware was the first to ratify the constitution, thus becoming the very first state in the US.

Famous Food from Delaware

A Farm Fresh Dinner

The early European settlers immediately began cultivating crops and raising livestock, which was critical for their survival. We could almost imagine ourselves on the farm as we ate our dinner of slippery dumplings. It is a hearty and cozy meal, perfect after a hard day working out in the cold northeastern winter. Slippery dumplings are a little different from the chicken and dumplings we know in the south. Chicken is still simmered in broth with carrots, onions, and herbs. But then little strips of dough (as opposed to the puffy dumplings of the south) are dropped in one by one. Our dinner was delicious, but I couldn’t help but wonder how much better it would taste with carrots and onions straight from the fields, dumplings made with fresh ground wheat, and chicken that was just…well, let’s just stick with things from the field being fresh. I’ll just keep buying my chicken from the store.

Slippery Dumplings from Delaware

Official State Fruit of Delaware

In 2010, Delaware declared strawberries as the official state fruit. They breed strawberries solely for great flavor, rather than for size or shelf life, like some strawberry farms. The official bill that declares strawberries as the state fruit is a fun read. Here is an excerpt (from Delaware, Chapter 255):
WHEREAS, strawberries are an important product of Delaware’s agricultural industry; and
WHEREAS, children and adults love to pick their own strawberries; and
WHEREAS, strawberries can be a refreshing part of everyone’s diet; and
WHEREAS, there are many diverse and delicious recipes and uses for strawberries, such as: strawberry shortcake…
NOW, THEREFORE: Be it enacted by the general assembly of the state of Delaware:
Section 1. Amend Chapter 3, Title 29 of the Delaware Code by adding a new section to read as follows:
433. State fruit.
Strawberries shall be the official fruit of the state.

Well, we will just have to have ourselves some strawberry shortcake then! Honestly, I have never been a fan of strawberry shortcake. I love strawberries! I love whipped cream! But every shortcake I have had was dry and near flavorless. Perhaps I have just had bad strawberry shortcake because these were amazing! The perfect summer dessert!

Strawberry Shortcake

Famous Food from Delaware Menu

Delaware State Facts

    • Delaware was the very first state in the US
    • Neighboring states call Delaware “the home of tax-free shopping” as it is one of only 5 states without sales tax
    • Delaware is the lowest state, averaging an altitude of 60 feet above sea level
    • Agricultural production makes up almost 40% of the state’s land use
    • Kevlar was invented in Delaware in 1965
    • Famous people from Delaware include: Henry A. du Pont, Ryan Phillippe, Joe Biden


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