Famous food from Montana, including elk burgers and Hasselback potatoes.

Famous Food from Montana

Explore the Big Sky Country with famous food from Montana! This guest blog post by Erica Trey uncovers the history behind elk burgers, Hasselback potatoes, and huckleberry cheesecake!

Slices of gooey butter cake on plates.

Famous Food From Missouri

Guest post by Melinda Paulsell Missouri is a beautiful state with a vast topography that ranges from the mountainous region of the Ozark Plateau to the rolling northern hills, with lots of flat farmland and river bluffs in between.  Approximately 66% of the state is

plate of biscuits and gravy, with basket of biscuits.

Famous Food From Mississippi

In the heart of the Bible belt, sits a little state called Mississippi. This state was once home to a greater variety of Native American tribes than any other state in the nation! And it was the native tribes who gave Mississippi its name. The

Close up of taco hotdish

Famous Food from Minnesota

Guest post by Sara Ecklin Minnesota, the lands of 10,000 lakes. Did you know that Minnesota actually has more shoreline than California, Florida, or Hawaii (if we are looking at lakes and ocean)? Even without having oceans, Minnesota wins! I grew up in Stillwater, Minnesota;

Two coney dogs, a famous food from Michigan, along with French fries.

Famous Food from Michigan

Guest post by Tera Rowe Detroit is the epicenter of the auto industry, Michigan’s largest city, and the birthplace of both of our recipes of famous food from Michigan. Henry Ford’s high $5 a day was a huge draw for African American immigrants during the

Clam chowder, a famous food from Massachusetts.

Famous Food from Massachusetts

Massachusetts, also known as the Commonwealth, is one of the 13 original colonies.  There are many towns that are rich in history and the center of pilot moments in American history.  Numerous historical routes, battlefields, and colonial homes line the streets of Massachusetts. In addition, you

Famous food from Maryland, crab cakes, piled on a plate.

Famous Food from Maryland

Guest post by Nichole Little When you hear “Maryland,” most people think of the Chesapeake Bay and steamed crabs. Which is fine because that’s what we’re known for. Crabs are the most famous food from Maryland! But what non-residents are shocked to find is that

Famous food from Maine: Two lobster rolls with fries, mayo, and lemons.

Famous Food from Maine

Close your eyes and picture Maine. Do you see waves crashing against a rocky coast with a lighthouse nearby? Maine is a classic New England state, picturesque with tall pine trees and fishing harbors. It is through these harbors that we receive the primary ingredient

Bowl of gumbo Louisiana hot sauce, for the famous food from Louisiana dinner.

Famous Food from Louisiana

In order to truly understand the significance of the famous food from Louisiana, we first have to understand a little bit about the rich culture that lives in this state. The territory known as Louisiana once covered the entire middle of what is now the

Derby Pie with nuts sprinkled on side.

Famous Food From Kentucky

Kentucky was the first US state west of the Appalachian mountains. Over the next 150 years, explorers and natives would build what has become a very rich culture in Kentucky. From bourbon to bluegrass, Kentucky has given many gifts to our nation. Our dinner of

Plate of roast beef with carrots, potatoes & mushrooms. Sunflowers and cookbooks in background.

Famous Food from Kansas

I was born in Topeka, Kansas, so it was especially exciting for me to put together our dinner of famous food from Kansas. The nostalgia was great, but actually finding authentic Kansas food was a little tricky. My brother says “Kansas is not really a

Famous food from Iowa, Loose Meat Sandwiches in a Basket with Chips, corn above

Famous Food From Iowa

Iowa is a midwestern state that was once a part of Louisiana. It was purchased by the United States in 1803 as a part of the Louisiana Purchase. Some see it is a flyover state, as it has over a million acres of cropland. But

Hoosier sandwich and fries

Famous Food From Indiana

  There are lots of theories on how Hoosier became the state nickname for Indiana. One thing is certain, it is one of the oldest and most widely accepted state nicknames in American history. “Hoosier” was a term originally used mockingly. Those living in Indiana

Stacked brownies with apricot glaze dripping down

Famous Food From Illinois

Illinois is a land of prairies and rolling hills and is also home to Chicago, one of the largest cities in the nation. The state was once a territory belonging to France, who then lost it to Britain in the French and Indian war. Finally,

finger steaks close up

Famous Food from Idaho

Idaho is the 14th largest state in our nation and it is filled with beauty and natural wonders! The Rocky Mountains cover much of the state, spanning from Canada all the way down Idaho’s eastern border. The Snake River winds across southern Idaho. And sand

Plate of pulled pork fried rice and ohana green beans

Famous Food from Hawaii

Hawaii has a very diverse culture, which has resulted in it also having some very diverse food. The roots of Hawaiian cuisine stem from Polynesian voyagers in the 1700s, later adding in the influence of American, European, and Asian immigrants. When we considered our menu,

Georgia famous food

Famous Food from Georgia

Would it be cheesy to begin this post saying that I’ve got Georgia on my mind? Yes? Darn. How about, “I have Famous Food from Georgia” on my mind? That’s not good either? Well, then I will just jump straight into telling you about this

Cuban Sandwiches

Famous Food from Florida

Sunny Florida Florida: The land of beaches, and sun, and Disney World, and Cuban sandwiches, and key lime pie! Florida is well known as a tourist destination. But when we set off preparing for our Florida dinner I didn’t know much actual Florida history. Learning

Famous Food from Delaware

Famous Food from Delaware

Our dinner of famous food from Delaware was almost like taking a trip back in time. As the first state in our nation, Delaware is rich in history. It has just 3 counties, the smallest number of any state, but these counties were established all

White Clam Pizza

Famous Food From Connecticut

In Search of the Best Pizza A friend of mine, who was raised in Connecticut, told me that Connecticut pizza is the best. She hasn’t been able to find pizza as good anywhere else. Challenge accepted! This week’s state dinner had me on a full-on

Pueblo Slopper Colorado

Famous Food from Colorado

The Pueblo Chile vs. Hatch Chile Debate We started our search for famous food from Colorado with a virtual trip to Pueblo. Farmers in Pueblo have grown Mosco chile peppers since the 1800s, and eventual created the varietal called the Pueblo Popper chile. These chiles

Famous Food from California

What Famous Food From California Should We Choose? California has such a vast food culture, we spent quite a bit of time trying to decide our menu. Bay shrimp, California rolls, pho, avocado and bean sprout sandwiches. So many choices! We finally decided on fish

Arkansas dinner catfish

Famous Food From Arkansas

Arkansas is one of the top 5 producers of catfish in the US It is no surprise that fried catfish is one of the most famous foods in Arkansas. We cooked this up the traditional way by coating it in a cornmeal breading and frying

Stetson Salad Menu Plans Cover

Famous Food From Arizona

It is so fun discovering new recipes from cultures across America! Prior to this project, I hadn’t heard of a Navajo or Indian taco. I especially had no idea that they were the same thing! When we made our very first list, I had Navajo

Salmon Famous Food From Alaska

Famous Food from Alaska

If this is your first time on our site, start your journey here: Exploring the States Our Alaska dinner was a much-welcomed change from the heavy and fried Alabama dinner we had last week! It was lovely to enjoy a fresh, colorful, and nutrient-rich meal! Since

Alabama State Dinner

Famous Food from Alabama

The Very First State in this Food Journey Good ol’ Alabama! It gets to be the first state as we journey across America, exploring all of the famous foods. It earns that position simply because of the alphabet. But I’m not mad about starting our

Cora & Levi In the kitchen

Exploring the States

A month into the stay-at-home orders from the COVID-19 pandemic, we, like most in the world, were schooling at home, eating at home, and trying to entertain ourselves at home. My friend, Mic, shared an idea of cooking iconic foods from each state across the