Famous Food from Idaho

finger steaks close up

Idaho is the 14th largest state in our nation and it is filled with beauty and natural wonders! The Rocky Mountains cover much of the state, spanning from Canada all the way down Idaho’s eastern border. The Snake River winds across southern Idaho. And sand dunes and fossil beds can even be found in Idaho! Idahoans love the great outdoors and the food they enjoy shows this. From massive crops of potatoes to freshly picked wild berries, the famous food from Idaho reflects the resources of the land.

Finger Steaks

There are over 2 million cattle in the state of Idaho, so it is no surprise that beef would be an ingredient in one of Idaho’s most famous foods. What we know about the invention of Idaho finger steaks is that they are from Boise, circa 1950. Perhaps it was created by Milo Bybee at his Milo’s Torch Cafe, as a way to use up leftover beef? No one knows for sure. But we do know that finger steaks are delicious! Tender strips of steak are coated in a well-seasoned batter and deep-fried. It’s like fair food right in your own home!

finger steaks close up

French Fries

The potato came to Idaho in 1836. About thirty years later, farmers sold potatoes to gold rush miners looking for food. That was the beginning of the potato business in Idaho. Today, Idaho grows more than 27 billion potatoes each year, which of course is more than any other state. There are so many great ways to enjoy an Idaho potato! Ultimately, we decided that finger steaks needed a nice, simple French fry. I’m really glad we made that choice, as they ended up being the best French fries I’ve ever had! I am already looking for a reason to make them again.

Parmesan Truffle Fries

Huckleberry Pie

In 2000, huckleberries, a member of the blueberry family, became Idaho’s state fruit. Huckleberries grow in the wild. They cannot be cultivated in large crops, so finding them is a treasure! They are native to the Pacific Northwest and can often be found along trails in the Rocky Mountains. Idahoans enjoy huckleberry picking as a favorite past time. It can be a little bit of a dangerous activity, as grizzly bears love huckleberries too! They have been known to travel miles to find these berries, which account for about a third of their diet.

whole huckleberry pie

Famous Food from Idaho Menu

Idaho State Facts

    • Idaho is the 43rd state in the US
    • Idaho’s nickname is “The Gem State” because almost every gem can be found in the state
    • There are over 19,000 hiking trails in the state of Idaho
    • The state of Idaho is known as the Lentil Capital of the World
    • Famous people from Idaho include: Sacagawea, Pappy Boyington, Sarah Palin

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