Famous Food from Maine

Famous food from Maine: Two lobster rolls with fries, mayo, and lemons.

Close your eyes and picture Maine. Do you see waves crashing against a rocky coast with a lighthouse nearby? Maine is a classic New England state, picturesque with tall pine trees and fishing harbors. It is through these harbors that we receive the primary ingredient that is in the most famous food from Maine.

Lobster Rolls

Lobster is a big deal in Maine! Lobsters caught off the coast of Maine delivery 90% of the country’s lobster supply. That is 40 million pounds of lobster every year! If you ask a Mainer (the nickname for those who live in Maine) they will tell you that nothing beats a freshly-caught lobster!

However, lobster rolls were not invented in Maine. Connecticut gets to claim that achievement. Though with most of the lobster coming from Maine, it seems fair to consider it an iconic Maine dish. And the roll does have some great history in Maine! In the 1970s, you could buy lobster rolls from roadside stands in Maine. Back then it was simply dressed with butter and served on a steamed hot dog bun. Now many Mainers enjoy their lobster tossed in a little mayonnaise inside a buttered and toasted bun.

Two lobster rolls in cardboard trays. Each with lemon wedges and French fries.

Whoopie Pies

Throughout our state dinner endeavors, we have stumbled across various ways that resourcefulness lead to invention. I love learning about the ways early Americans made the most of what they had, as it inspires me to be wise and inventive, and less wasteful! The Whoopie Pie is one of those resourceful inventions! They were originally made out of leftover cake batter.

Whoopie Pies later became the official dessert of Maine! They are made by filling two soft cake-like cookies with fluffy cream. The most common flavor of a Whoopie Pie is chocolate. But the possibilities for variations are endless! Pumpkin, red velvet, and lemon are a few favorite flavors!

Whoopie Pie is a funny name for a cookie sandwich. Amish legend says that children would receive these treats in their lunch bags and exclaim “Whoopie!” The expression stuck, and today the Whoopie Pie is a favorite New England Treat.

Three Whoopie pies on a parchment sheet with one of them shingled on another.

Famous Food From Maine Menu

Maine State Facts

  • Maine was the 23rd state in the US
  • 76,000 moose roam the state of Maine. They are the official state animal!
  • 99% of blueberries sold in the United States come from Maine
  • ONE is an important number in Maine:
    -It is the only state with a one-syllable name
    -It is the only state that borders only one other state
    -Being the most eastern state, it is the first place to see the morning sun
  • Famous people from Maine include: Nelson Rockefeller, Patty Griffin, Stephen King

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