Arkansas dinner catfish

Famous Food From Arkansas

Arkansas is one of the top 5 producers of catfish in the US It is no surprise that fried catfish is one of the most famous foods in Arkansas. We cooked this up the traditional way by coating it in a cornmeal breading and frying

korean beef bowl

Menu Plan: June 8-13

This week’s menu plan includes several kid friendly meals, and a couple of more adventurous ones, just to keep them trying new things. Plus each one can be made without turning on your oven! Perfect for hot summer nights! Monday, June 8 Coconut chicken strips

Stetson Salad Menu Plans Cover

Famous Food From Arizona

It is so fun discovering new recipes from cultures across America! Prior to this project, I hadn’t heard of a Navajo or Indian taco. I especially had no idea that they were the same thing! When we made our very first list, I had Navajo

meal plan 060120

Menu Plan: June 1-5

Monday, June 1 House chicken Corn on the Cob Asparagus Garden Salad Watermelon Tuesday, June 2 Chicken tacos  Yellow Rice Mexican salad Blueberries Wednesday, June 3 Blueberry muffins Chicken sausage Scrambled eggs Sliced bananas Thursday, June 4 Fish & chips Coleslaw Buffalo cauliflower Watermelon Friday,

loaded roasted potato slices

Loaded Roasted Potato Slices

I like to think of these loaded roasted potato slices as a slightly healthier version of a loaded baked potato. They just use a little olive oil and there is no butter, so I am calling these healthy-ish. The great thing is they taste like

chicken tacos

Chicken Tacos

Necessity is the Mother of Invention These tacos were created one night when Matt was out of town, and I was searching for something simple to make that both Cora and Levi would eat. I didn’t want to take a trip to the grocery store,

House Chicken

House Chicken

Monday Day Grill Day Mondays are usually “grill something” day at our home. In the summer that often means literally putting meat on the outdoor grill, but it can also mean cooking meat inside on the stove or in the oven. Essentially, Monday is “stand-alone

Salmon Famous Food From Alaska

Famous Food from Alaska

If this is your first time on our site, start your journey here: Exploring the States Our Alaska dinner was a much-welcomed change from the heavy and fried Alabama dinner we had last week! It was lovely to enjoy a fresh, colorful, and nutrient-rich meal! Since

Alabama State Dinner

Famous Food from Alabama

The Very First State in this Food Journey Good ol’ Alabama! It gets to be the first state as we journey across America, exploring all of the famous foods. It earns that position simply because of the alphabet. But I’m not mad about starting our

Cora & Levi In the kitchen

Exploring the States

A month into the stay-at-home orders from the COVID-19 pandemic, we, like most in the world, were schooling at home, eating at home, and trying to entertain ourselves at home. My friend, Mic, shared an idea of cooking iconic foods from each state across the

Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan

This Chicken Parmesan is the most flavorful chicken parm I have ever tasted! Pardon me for the humble brag, but I think it is top restaurant quality! The addition of fresh basil is not required to make it a good dish, but if you have

Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska

  Baked Alaska was a dessert for celebrations when I was growing up. We had it for my dad’s birthday many years, and occasionally for other special moments. I remember as a young child being enamored with the magic of this dessert! How does the

Menu Plan: May 25-29

Monday, May 25 – Memorial Day Brats Chips Watermelon Brownies Tuesday, May 26 Mexican quinoa (P.S. – Don’t skimp on the toppings – they make the dish!) Tortilla chips Strawberries Salad: Romaine, tomatoes, red bell peppers, corn, cumin-cilantro dressing Wednesday, May 27 Peanut Thai curry

Square photo of peanut thai chicken on a plate with rice

Peanut Thai Curry

Thai food is my ultimate comfort food and this Peanut Thai Curry checks every box in what I look for in a perfect Thai recipe. Warm spices and coconut make this creamy sauce absolutely delicious, and the peanut butter adds a depth and richness that