Menu Plan: December 21-25

green chili enchiladas with chips and salsa.

It is Christmas week! And if you are cooking dinner this Friday, have we got a special meal for you! Of course, the rest of the week isn’t too shabby either. Each meal is full of flavor and so very good! Monday, December 21 Apple

Bourbon French Toast Casserole Recipe

Plate of bourbon French toast with blueberries and a glass of juice.

This Bourbon French Toast Casserole is an indulgent brunch casserole with the delicious flavors of cinnamon and vanilla. Topped with a rich and gooey bourbon caramel sauce, it is a show-stopping recipe that is perfect for any brunch! QUICK NAVIGATION– Jump to Recipe– What You

Menu Plan: December 14-18

Chicken medallions and mushrooms, in a wine sauce, over mashed potatoes.

This week’s menu plan balances comforting meals with easy prep. Each meal is perfect for a chilly night! Both simple and delicious!

Huckleberry Cheesecake Recipe

Two slices of huckleberry cheesecake with the whole cheesecake on the right.

This Huckleberry Cheesecake recipe is ridiculously good! The cheesecake is rich, dense, and incredible on its own, and made even better with the tart and sweet huckleberry topping! If you don’t have access to fresh huckleberries, we also include a recipe where you can make

Menu Plan: December 7-11

A square bowl of spaghetti topped with 3 meatballs.

This week’s menu plan features a genius method for making the perfect meatballs, thanks to Alton Brown! Plus some spicy fish, gooey stuffed chicken breast, creamy spinach artichoke sauce, and my family’s favorite burger!

Elk Burger Recipe

Two elk burgers on a wooden board.

Elk burgers are a lean but flavorful alternative to a traditional beef burger. Whether you purchase your elk meat from the store or you have it ground fresh, you can make them juicy and delicious with just a few simple steps!

Famous Food from Montana

Famous food from Montana, including elk burgers and Hasselback potatoes.

Explore the Big Sky Country with famous food from Montana! This guest blog post by Erica Trey uncovers the history behind elk burgers, Hasselback potatoes, and huckleberry cheesecake!